Sunday, March 8, 2015


It’s the beginning of March – the winter of 2015 has been one for the record books.  Blizzards have invaded our lands on a weekly basis along with temperatures that can take your breath away.  There are mounds of snow in every unused space and even the spaces that are needed.  The internet is alive with chatter regarding “why do we live here?”  “when will this all stop?” We look at each other and shake our heads in disbelief that it’s snowing again or there is another one on the way.  The roads are treacherous with pot holes that can swallow your car and frost heaves that send you tightly into your seatbelt.  Today we turned the clocks ahead, we spring forward, and there is no denying that the day light hours have been getting longer.  A glimmer of hope maybe…the 7 day forecast calls for high temperatures above freezing almost every day.  Melting snow and some warm sun on your face sure can turn a poor attitude.  Isn’t it true that when you are very hungry that the meal tastes better?  Or that beer when your mouth feels like it is filled with cotton?  Isn’t it also true that when you have a vacation planned the anticipation is a big part of the fun? So, assuming this is gospel let us just imagine how wonderful the coming Spring will be!  We will be preparing our boats for the water, dusting off the beach chairs that survived last summer, pulling the golf clubs and tennis racquets out from behind the winter coats, and putting the Frisbee in the beach bag.  Many of us will push the limits and put the beach chairs in the melting snow mounds much too soon but the sun will feel glorious on our goose bumped bodies.  I for one will be smiling remembering the Winter texts from my Sister in California “It’s 75 and sunny today” as she makes her way back to her summer cottage in Narragansett.  But will this Summer be as sweet for her or for all the snowbirds that flock South to escape the New England weather?  I think not.  It will be sweet for us.  The men and women who stuck it out.  The ones who helped their neighbor shovel their driveway and front step.  The ones who let the other car go first because they couldn’t see around that snow pile or there wasn’t enough room for two cars to get by.  This will be a very sweet Spring, Summer, and Fall for sure.

I have only lived away from South County for a few months in my life. Having attended Narragansett High School and receiving a BA in Economics from URI and living in Newport on occasion I signed a 12 month lease in Providence while working in Attleboro in the late 80’s.  I had a momentary lapse of good judgment and thought the drive wasn’t worth it.  After being broken into twice (they stole my air conditioner!)  I was able to renegotiate my lease with the landlord and headed back to South County.   I am fortunate enough to have traveled a fair amount and what I found was that most places didn’t have what we have here.  As you can probably tell by now I am not much of a writer but this part is particularly difficult to put into words.  What I found was that people just didn’t have the same connectivity that I feel here.   The connection to the people of South County.  Not just some of the people of South County but all the people of South County: the Townies, the Tourist (who appreciate what we have here), the Students (many who have stayed after graduation), the Swamp Yankees (whatever that means), the elderly and the young.  Just as the tourist leave the URI students arrive and keep our town “alive” – alive with youthful energy that help trigger our fond memories of our own younger days and keep our restaurants and businesses open.  Besides the obvious physical benefits of where we live it is this intricate and diverse web of people and our connection that make South County the best place to live. 

Dale Denelle

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blessing of The Fleet Events

Looking for something fun to do this weekend, you better head to Narragansett. The Annual Blessing of The Fleet takes place and offers a Road Race with about 4,000 runners , a Seafood Festival and lots more. 

The Blessing of the Fleet has been a South County tradition for forty two consecutive years. What began as a ceremony to ask for "Divine Protection" for those who risk their lives harvesting the sea has blossomed into one of Rhode Island’s most popular 2 day events. 

The Blessing of the Fleet itself is a spectacularly colorful event that takes place at noon on Saturday, in Galilee. On a good day, hundreds of vessels line up to parade past thousands of spectators. 
The Blessing features a colorful parade of commercial and recreational watercraft, large and small. Each parading vessel is blessed by The distinguished clergymen, and judged for prizes in three different categories by State and local officials.
Local clergymen bless each and every decorated vessel as they pass before them and a panel of celebrity judges rate the decorations in a variety of categories. Recent years' judges included the Governor of RI, the Lt. Governor, Senator Reed, Congressman Langevin, Miss Rhode Island and other local dignitaries.

This is a great opportunity to meet all manner of people you might never see, crazy athletes, local fishermen & women who toil on the ocean to bring us fresh seafood year round along with locals & visitors enjoying the culinary delights RI has to offer. 

All this with the back drop of Narragansett Bay, The Port of Galilee & beaches to relax on. A truly unique Southern RI event with something for all the family. If a wee drop of rain should fall you can always try one of the many local hostelrys before you go on your way again. 

Whether you are on vacation in South County or just a local taking a break make sure to relax, and soak up the fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things to Do in South County Part One

We are so fortunate in South County and Southern Rhode Island to have so many different & diverse activities and ways to spend our free time. One of my favorites which doesn't involve the outdoors is our local theater. I have to say it's hard to choose from the great selection available but my vote goes to The Contemporary Theater Company, , in Wakefield.

This company is so committed to the community it serves, and offers a great range of performances. I have to admit to a personal interest here, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with The Contemporary Theater on one of their performances a few years back. They put on "The Gift of The Magi" in Midtown Cafe, a small restaurant on Main Street which I owned. This was a great experience and one I remember fondly.

Wherever you are in Rhode Island you are not very far from a theater company, we have The Granite Theater, Theater By The Sea, The Courthouse Center For The Arts, to name just a few all within a few miles of my home. A shore ride to Providence and I can go to The Gamm Theater, Trinity Repertory Company, The Vets, and many more.

So if you have enjoyed all the wonderful outdoor activities in South County and want to enjoy the arts, and a great evenings entertainment you wont have to look too far, and I haven't even mentioned all the musical possibilities in the state. Keep enjoying our great community & local life.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

South County Rentals are difficult to navigate... to say the least!

Looking for a Rental in South County? The rental situation in South County which includes North Kingstown, Narragansett, South Kingstown, Charlestown and the surrounding towns is difficult to navigate to say the least. When looking to buy or sell a home the tools are much more straight forward. All Realtors are members of the State-wide Multiple Listing Service and all of our listings are required to be on the MLS in the best interest of our clients. This way they are exposed to all the other Realtors and easy to find for the public. Sites like and are owned by the Realtors and our members share commissions to insure cooperation or "co-opetition" as some call it.

The local rental market has been historically managed by a few firms that have kept their clients exclusive. The State-wide MLS didn't offer a way for Brokers to enter Rentals and there was only a half effort to have them show up on To be fair working rentals is a difficult job and the rewards are not as lucrative as Selling Homes. An agent still has to show the property, write a lease, collect fees, etc...and in some cases can be even more time consuming than a real estate transaction. So it is much easier to split up a $10,000 sales fee for a transaction than a $1,000 rental fee. Running a rental office can also be a double-edge sword. On one hand when your client goes to sell you would think they would be loyal to you based on all your hard work handling the rentals, but there can be so many problems that they may have a bad taste in their mouth.

Having said all this the State-wide MLS started to include Rentals as part of it's services in the beginning of 2013. Now just like buying and selling all the rentals will be included on those consumer sites and everyone would have the best exposure possible. At least that was the idea. The truth is that it is not required for MLS members to put the listings in the MLS and many of the firms that do handle rentals have not done so. I think eventually these firms will come to believe that it is in the best interest of the clients but this is just one man's opinion and I don't see it happening anytime soon.

So when someone calls my office I direct them to the many websites that you can find a rental in South County. I am sure this is not a complete list but these are the ones I know of...if you appreciate this information please forward it to some friends and keep Denelle in mind for your Real Estate needs. Thanks, Dale Denelle

ps: The photo included is NOT in South County :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On Patrol...

As I cruise up the coast of Rhode Island on a boat, I can appreciate the perspective this opportuity provides and the gorgeous real estate we have in Narragansett and the surrounding towns. Normally this would signal to me a plethora of real estate opportunites - if that were what I was looking for. But I am not cruising the Bay to shore up business. I am on Patrol.

Since 2008 I have been volunteering with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary; as part of its boat crew patrol I help keep watch over Rhode Island waters for boats in distress. It's a way to get involved with an organization whose sole purpose is to do good. You get to put on a uniform. You get to help people.

It's a huge satisfaction just knowing that I could do something that could potentially save a life. My experience as a leader in South County real estate has prepared me for the fast pace of the Coast Guard.

Everything I've learned in the business world, I've used to help the Auxiliary- As a former Staff Officer I kept members on the same page and organized events. Volunteering with the Coast Guard makes me a little more confident, and it shows my contribution to my community.

And when it comes to my real estate business, my Coast Guard experience helps me stand out to my clients, not to mention the awesome metaphore that Denelle Realtors is "like the Coast Guard." To find out how you may have to watch one of our videos on the subject.

By, Dale Denelle

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I will be volunteering at the annual Johnny Cake Festival in West Kingston Saturday and Sunday, October 19th and 20th from 10-5 each day on behalf of the RI Breast Cancer Coalition. The Festival has chosen the RI Breast Cancer Coalition as one of the charities they will be supporting through the sale of johnny cakes over the two day event We are so pleased to be the recipient of these donations and to be able to spread the word about what the RI Breast Cancer Coalition does for men and women in Rhode Island who have been affected by this disease.

I am a 21 year survivor of the disease and have been involved with the organization for many years. The RI Breast Cancer Coalition is an all volunteer organization and a 501c3 non-profit. RIBCC organized in 1992 and has provided resources, education and support to over 20K women and men since. They provide prescription assistance, wigs, prostheses, lymphedema sleeves, and advocate for women on issues like employment, finances, treatment costs. Our mission is to ensure that every woman in RI has access to quality health care, most especially mammography screening and treatment if cancer is diagnosed regardless of her ability to pay. Visit our web site for more information about the organization.

Stop by the festival and say hello and support your community!

Jean Albert

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A note from the Founder

A Letter to the Agents of Denelle: We are all so lucky to live in South County and are able to earn a living by being of service to our friends and neighbors. The scarecrows, home tours and farmers' markets all add so much to our quality of life. We are all able to walk our dogs on the beach and enjoy friendships with our fellow neighbors. What a beautiful time of year to enjoy a fall sail on the bay or some apple picking. It makes us all realize how much our wonderful state has to offer. So keep up the great work and let's all be grateful for all that we have... Ron Denelle

ps: Can you pick out the office in the background of this photo?