Thursday, March 21, 2013

Culture and Background...

Background & Culture 

          Ronald Denelle founded R. D. Denelle & Company in 1968. Prior to that year Ron attended R.I. public schools, served in the 3rd Infantry, (Presidential Honor Guard), at Arlington Cemetery in V.A., and the White House under President Eisenhower. He Graduated U.R.I. in 1960 thanks to the G.I. bill, and worked for U.S. Steel Corporation in sales management for eight years in Pittsburgh, Boston and Cleveland. He founded our firm in the summer of 1968 after bringing his family home to South County from Cleveland, Ohio.  

          As a matter of background and culture, R.D. Denelle & Company, Inc. Realtors is much like the U.S. Coast Guard.  From his background as a former Presidential Honor Guard, to his work with U.S. Steel, Ron Denelle has instilled a sense of responsibility and readiness that truly links DENELLE to the United States Coast Guard’s motto “Semper Paratus,” which means Always Ready 

          Since 1968, Ron has insured that “readiness to real estate” is rooted in having limited specialized crew on board, representing limited interests. “Like” the Coast Guard we guide our clients safely between the buoys for smooth and trouble free sailing/transactions.

Our Company Vision

Business Vision  


1.     Character
2.     Integrity
3.     Fiduciary Responsibility
4.     Respect for Individuality
5.      Life-long Education 


            The purpose of R.D. Denelle and Co., Inc. is to represent its clients (the community), buyers and sellers alike with the utmost integrity, honor and fiduciary responsibility.  The community depends on us for solid, trusting advice, guidance and professionalism. 


            As we conduct business our office will run with incredible efficiency.  There will be a Denelle Realtor specialist in each field.  We will be highly respected for reaching our goals with integrity and honor.  When the community thinks about real estate, they will naturally think of R.D. Denelle and Co.  Denelle Realtors will be known for treating its people (or team) exceptionally well.  Only the best Realtors will want to be associated with our company.

WELCOME! Denelle Mission Statement


Using an old-fashioned sense of integrity and a modern sense of marketing techniques we will efficiently connect buyers and sellers, to the advantage of both.  In doing so we will always act in the best interest of our clients and be motivated by helping them reach their individual goals.