Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things to Do in South County Part One

We are so fortunate in South County and Southern Rhode Island to have so many different & diverse activities and ways to spend our free time. One of my favorites which doesn't involve the outdoors is our local theater. I have to say it's hard to choose from the great selection available but my vote goes to The Contemporary Theater Company, , in Wakefield.

This company is so committed to the community it serves, and offers a great range of performances. I have to admit to a personal interest here, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with The Contemporary Theater on one of their performances a few years back. They put on "The Gift of The Magi" in Midtown Cafe, a small restaurant on Main Street which I owned. This was a great experience and one I remember fondly.

Wherever you are in Rhode Island you are not very far from a theater company, we have The Granite Theater, Theater By The Sea, The Courthouse Center For The Arts, to name just a few all within a few miles of my home. A shore ride to Providence and I can go to The Gamm Theater, Trinity Repertory Company, The Vets, and many more.

So if you have enjoyed all the wonderful outdoor activities in South County and want to enjoy the arts, and a great evenings entertainment you wont have to look too far, and I haven't even mentioned all the musical possibilities in the state. Keep enjoying our great community & local life.

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